Poplars, Tuki Tuki Valley

Tuki Tuki Valley

Planted before the home was built in 2013 this project is designed to magnify and enhance the sharp facade on arrival.


Subdue the site, to allow the wider landscape to do the talking. Mimic the rolling landscape through natural planting structures. Ensure large expansive rolling lawns draw the eye up towards the river. Colour palates to be lush greens in contrast to the whites of the hardscaping.

Key features:

Subtle natives cloak this dominant home and settle it into the Craggy Ranges of the Tuki. Mass plantings of local eco sourced natives cloak the banks and anchor the home.

The internal sunken courtyard is graced with 6 Jacaranda trees providing shade and the Encore Mandarin hedges frame the Tuki Tuki River northward and make delightful pickings.


Environmental Design, Residential Design