The Pollen Workshop Way

I believe in simplicity and most importantly, sustainability. This design philosophy has been shaped largely by the rural upbringing I enjoyed on the coastal environment of the East Cape of New Zealand.

Life on a farm requires a simplistic functionality. As guardians of the land, sustainability is required to ensure we hand a better environment to our next generations. Pollen Workshop looks to use these values of simplicity and sustainability in all of our design, be it rural, residential or riparian management.

Pollen Workshop is a small, independent Landscape Architecture company based in Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay. Our design philosophy is centered around the creation of simple, highly functional spaces. This ethos can be seen everyday at our Pollen Workshop coastal HQ. Created from an up-cycled, re-purposed shipping container referred to simply as, The Office, we think it’s a beautiful reflection of this attitude.

I graduated from Lincoln University with a degree in Landscape Architecture in 2007 and worked in Melbourne before moving back to Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay in 2010. I have been practicing here ever since.

I look forward to seeing you at The Office for a coffee and to chat through your project soon.

– Willie Murphy

Our Project Range

Residential Design
Subdivision Design
(Farm Parks)
Rural Design
Environmental Design
Riparian Management



Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA), Lincoln University


Member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA)